Tracy's Fine Food Café

About Café


Welcome to Tracy’s Casseroles and Café. Visit our quaint and inviting location in Crestline/Mt. Brook where fresh vegetables and meats are cooked daily…AND, not only are our casseroles available at your local markets (in Birmingham), you can order our delicious homemade casseroles online NOW!

About us

Tracy’s, for more than 20 years one of downtown Birmingham’s best loved cafeterias, began as a humble hot-dog stand catering to Southside’s mix of busy medical professionals, students, and business people. Fulfilling a need for quick and tasty lunches, it didn’t take long for the father-and-son team of Bill and Jimmy Tracy to expand their offerings and open their own full-service cafeteria. Today Tracy’s offers traditional home-style cooking at its best – including dishes such as macaroni and cheese, country-fried steak, and homemade breads and desserts – alongside many heart-healthy and low-fat choices such as garden salads, locally grown fresh vegetables, and baked chicken.

Tracy’s thriving catering business inspired owner Jimmy Tracy to further expand his business by offering his signature dishes to local grocery stores including Piggly Wigglys in Homewood, Crestline, and Clairmont, as well as, Western Supermarket in Mountain Brook. Now customers can stop by the frozen-food section of their favorite store and pick up Tracy’s savory homemade “sides” – including squash and broccoli casseroles, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread dressing – to complement their family meals while enjoying compliments on their own cooking as well!

Address: 75 Church Street, Mt. Brook/Crestline, Alabama
Phone: 205.803.3005
Fax: 205.803.3006